Teviotdale Pork is very tasty and gives the customer the most crackly of crackling. We supply a variety of breeds from time to time but our main breed is A commercial hybrid.

All our pigs are fed on a traditional ration which gives you that superior quality product.
All our breeds take many months to mature not like the supermarket breeds which are used to create a pork factory going in and coming straight back out.
We believe all our pigs have the best quality of life possible as they are outdoors enjoying freedom, being traditionally fed on what they prefer and not what we want to feed them and finally a long life which every animal on this planet should be entitled to.

Our next availabilty & prices please look below:

Order now being taken for December Delivery onwards

Prices are as follow:

All our pork is priced per Kilo

Our Pigs generally weigh 60Kg Liveweight

Full Pig (40 KG)@ 4.50 - 16 Joints, 40 Chops, Belly Pork - 180

Half Pig (20 KG)@ 4.50 - 8 Joints, 20 Chops, Belly Pork - 90

Quarter Pig (10 KG)@ 5.00 - 4 Joints, 10 Chops, Belly Pork - 50

If you require Pork at wholesale please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to help you and we must say we are very competitive as you can see our retail prices are extremely reasonable.