Do you currently or in the process of getting an Allotment?

We offer a good quality Rich Fetiliser in the form of Fresh Manure which consists of Manure from Pig, Poultry, Cattle, Horse and Sheep

Delivered direct to your allotment depending upon the radius from our holding due to travelling constraints

We recommend 1 Loads to a Full sized Garden Allotment.

The load may be placed straight onto the Garden area but this is not advised as Poultry Manure is very strong and should be left to rot upto 12 months before use.

Our 4 Ton Loads are 30

If you are requiring loads starting in september please contact us as soon as possible as the order book is already starting to fill up from existig customers.

If you require a load please contact Grant on 07944 940254
or E-mail: