We have started a placement scheme for agricultural and veterinary students to get hands on experience with livestock in a real farming environment.

We take on a maximum of 3 students over the 6 week period of Lambing and Calving.

We start 22nd February through to the end of March.

Students can choose the period of time which they would like to help depending upon study schedules.

We started this scheme in 2015 and due to its success we are now enlarging the scale to the amount of placements we offer.

All students are advised to start at 7am, although earlier can be an advantage, but once again it depends on personal circumstances. We can offer overnight accommodation if required. Students usually end their day whenever tasks are completed which is around 4/5pm, you may stay later if you wish, as some weeks are hectic and the more hands make light work.

We have a strong Ewe flock of 670 and an expanding Suckler herd of 50

We have worked with students currently with the RVC and Liverpool, and also gap year students.

if you feel this scheme could be of benefit to you and your studies please apply by e-mail: admin@teviotdalefarm.com