Our registered Pedigree Texel Flock was first estabilished in autumn of 2011.

Teviotdale Texels (SHV) are now a registered flock with the Texel Sheep Society with Bloodlines from the East Middle Farm Partnership and various other well proportioned stock from other well renown breeders.

The East Middle Flock was a well renowned flock within our county and in turn we feel this has given our flock the best start possible.

With a very keen and an above average index Ram from Townhead Farm our flock will be definitely the one that stands out no matter where we go for superior quality.

Our Pedigree Texel Flock is to compliment our existing 470 Commercial Ewes.

We are registered with Signet Breeding Services and have been fully recording since 2013 - 2014.

2012 - We have had 15 very strong Lambs which pictures will be appearing here soon with EBV's attached.
At present our EBV for this years stock has topped 262.32 for a Ram Lamb and 222.37 for our Ewe Lamb, which is showing us in the top 10% of the Texel Breed, these are very positive results for our first Texel breeding season.

Our first Proven Shearling Rams were available from Autumn of 2013.